Double Rainbow XIV

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Double Rainbow was as gorgeous and exciting as its namesake this year. The day began rain-soaked, but as the clouds opened, a rainbow appeared above Crossroads, and our fearless Double Rainbow leader Jad McDaniel snapped the above photo. The sun shone on, and the afternoon was sunny and warm, a departure from the previous chillier days. It was as if even the weather conspired to give us the perfect day.

Double Rainbow is one of the most beloved and fun Crossroads traditions. For 13 years running, students and staff have gathered for this fun Fall festival (see Double Rainbow Over the Years below). Advisories work together to set up a booth or campsite with a thematic activity and snack, and everyone dances and parties and PLAYS the afternoon away!

This year’s theme was childhood nostalgia, and we went ALL OUT. The seniors chose iCarly for their theme, making smoothie samples, bagel sticks, and spaghetti tacos. For their activity, correct answers to iCarly trivia questions won participants a chance to pie a senior!

For their commitment, creativity, and teamwork, seniors won the Best Overall award. Other grades’ advisory themes included Avatar: The Last Airbender (10th), Chuck E. Cheese (7th), Pokémon (7th), Teen Titans (11th), Adventure Time (9th), Phineas and Ferb (10th), Looney Tunes (11th), Scooby Doo (9th), and Candyland (8th). Candyland won Most Creative and Judges’ Choice was awarded to both Chuck E. Cheese and Pokémon.

We all enjoyed plenty of sugar and pizza, running around in the sunshine, and including the goats in our festival. We had music from student DJs and Isaak’s magical classical piano playing as student’s enjoyed each others’ activities and inflatables like gaga ball, human foosball, and inflatable jousting. We were certainly a good kind of tired after 5th Day Exhibition and Double Rainbow, and students celebrated Varsity Volleyball Senior Night before heading out for Fall Break.


Double Rainbow Over the Years

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