Why Crossroads?

Strong academics. Flexible, personal approach. Student-directed learning. Supportive culture. There are many reasons to choose Crossroads. Below are a few, but don’t take our word for it, schedule a visit. Let’s get to know each other!

We celebrate what makes you YOU.

At Crossroads you will be challenged academically and supported socially and emotionally, not just by our faculty, but also by your peers. This unique combination creates a welcoming and safe environment for you to explore, take risks, grow, and become the best version of yourself, while enriching the experience of your peers. It’s a magical mix that is unmatched elsewhere in St. Louis.
Smiling student at Crossroads College Prep
Master Learning Program at Crossroads College Prep

Explore in depth through our Mastery Learning Program.

Through our Mastery Learning Program (MLP), you will explore a topic of interest that falls outside the boundaries of your typical coursework. Past projects include writing, illustrating, and creating a children’s book in French; constructing a hydroponic garden; researching and building a bee habitat and harvesting honey; planning and creating a company and its brand; and art in forensic science, specifically facial reconstruction. You’ll work under the guidance of a faculty member, and will present your work at the end of the semester.
Master Learning Program at Crossroads College Prep

Dive deep into something you love on 5th Day.

5th Day is a unique day each week that steps outside of our typical academic schedule and provides students opportunities to engage more deeply and collaboratively in topics, offering time and space for innovative exploration, often across the city. 5th Day will provide new learning spaces where you will develop the skills and mindsets you will need.

Be smart & good in our Good Works program.

We often say it is not enough to be smart, you also need to do good! One way we live this motto is through our Good Works program. As a student, you will help make St. Louis better through meaningful volunteer work with one or more of our 15 partner organizations in the greater St. Louis metro area.
Good Works program goes to the food pantry
Fencing at Crossroads College Prep

Explore multiple interests.

Our size allows you to foster close, authentic relationships with fellow students and peers. It also allows us to help you pursue activities of interest. No need to choose between theater and soccer, basketball and robotics, art and chess. We’ll find a way for you to explore what is interesting to you.

Unique traditions create community.

From our annual Balloon Drop to all-school skating at Steinberg Ice Skating Rink, and from Double Rainbow to Senior Murals, Crossroads traditions connect our community and create an experience that is distinctly ours.
Crossroads students observe 3D printer

Take classes at MADE.

We are just a stone’s throw from MADE Makerspace, a community of local makers, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. Through our partnership with MADE, which augments our own campus-based Makerspace, you will have access to the tools and training to brings your ideas to life.

Learn to speak Mandarin.

We are one of the few schools in the St. Louis region to offer a five-year Mandarin program which students can begin in Middle School. Students also have the option to travel to China over the summer and live with a host family, becoming more immersed in the language and culture.
Mandarin class travels to China

The city is our campus.

We are located near Washington University, St. Louis University, and Forest Park, home to some of the finest fields, courts, and museums in the region. Our campus extends beyond the walls of our building.

Individualized tuition makes Crossroads accessible.

We all benefit from a community that is socio-economically diverse. Individualized tuition provides a more equitable approach that aligns with our mission and helps bring the Crossroads community within financial reach for as many families as possible.
Crossroads graduating class of 2022 graduation throwing caps
Curious? See why Crossroads was the right choice for families like yours.