Looking at Middle School Differently

Crossroads Middle School students attend camp at the beginning and end of every school year.
We know that middle school students:
  • are energetic, enthusiastic, and eager learners.
  • are beginning their journey toward independence and making their own decisions; they desire to be seen as young adults.
  • want to feel safe to express themselves.
  • need time to reflect on their learning, build good academic habits, and develop strong relationships within the school community.

At Crossroads, middle school students are known and seen in a way that calls them to be their best selves. Our students are known and valued by the Crossroads community, so their minds are free to face challenges, maximizing learning.
  • Classroom instruction incorporates movement, novelty, rigor, and flexibility.
  • Students learn to be astute researchers, so they can search and retrieve accurate and pertinent information.
  • Students learn how to be a good friend, a kind human being, and a thoughtful citizen of the world.
  • Crossroads teachers encourage and reinforce responsibility and effective self-advocacy.
  • We foster interpersonal and intrapersonal growth. Our students develop empathy and skills for collaboration.
  • Our students are known and valued in the Crossroads Community.
  • Crossroads values and nurtures students’ voices, creativity, and diverse perspectives.
  • Crossroads provides modeling and structure so that students can articulate their ideas.
  • We encourage and allow flexible thinking and different paths to knowledge. Our students learn to listen to others’ ideas.
  • The structure of the week provides time for core academic subjects, exploratory classes, activity class, and community time.
  • Middle schoolers are expected to develop, grow, and cultivate creative and artistic expression as an act of intelligence and to support others who do the same.

Given our population, our commitment to one another and to our differences creates a true model of community beyond our walls.