Educational Philosophy

Cliff Sodergren teaches science

Crossroads College Preparatory School is an independent, co-educational college preparatory school for children grades 7 through 12. We strive to inspire intellectual, personal, and social growth in an atmosphere in which we expect academic excellence, recognize individual differences, and encourage a spirit of cooperation. The small school setting promotes effective and creative teaching and close student/teacher relationships.

Ours is a diverse community in which we appreciate and respect students , teachers , staff members, and administrators from different racial and cultural backgrounds. We are continuously committed to seeking a heterogeneous group that reflects our larger diverse society.

Due to the low student/teacher ratio, Crossroads College Preparatory School maintains the ability to recognize individual learning styles through a variety of teaching strategies. The strengths and weaknesses of each student are identified with individualized long-term goals formulated to aid the student in realizing his/her own unique potential.

We emphasize the analysis and practical application of attained information. Students are thus taught to think critically, creatively, and freely. As students make the transition from external reinforcement and consequences to internal motivation and discipline, they learn to set realistic goals, progressively accepting more responsibility for their actions. We believe in a developmental, sequential curriculum in which expectations and responsibilities increase and tasks become more complex as students move from middle to upper school.

Crossroads College Preparatory School is committed to an academically traditional yet richly experiential education. The balance of hard work and scholarship with excitement and humor cultivates discovery, imagination and joy in learning. In an atmosphere where all are encouraged to experiment, challenge and question, the classroom often becomes a setting for lively discussion, creative thinking and open debate. Beyond the classroom, the Crossroads College Prep curriculum incorporates the many educational opportunities in our community. An interdisciplinary approach to the core curriculum recognizes that ideas from many fields are enriched by theories, concepts and knowledge from other fields.

In the best liberal arts tradition, Crossroads College Preparatory School strives to prepare students to be independent thinkers, clear communicators, and effective problem-solvers who are prepared to meet the challenges of adulthood and citizenship.