The Crossroads “Dictionary of Terms”


As part of a study on linguistics, Shadi’s anthropology students compiled a Crossroads dictionary of terms specific to (or with specific meaning to) our community. Shadi and her class shared their quick brainstorm as a reminder of our great community (even when apart during virtual learning). Suggestions welcome!
  1. Good Work with Lutheran Senior Services

    Good Work — an event that takes place 3-4 times every year at Crossroads during which students volunteer at area nonprofit organizations including animal shelters, preschools, and neighborhood gardens (Shadi)

  2. Double Rainbow — a festival in Crossroads’ greenspace that celebrates the end of the first quarter in fall; advisories choose topics under a theme, such as “American cities”, and compete by bringing in food and games within the theme of their topic. (Julia)
  3. The Commons— this could be referring to three different areas around the school where people have their lockers and hang out. The area they mean in context usually depends on what grade they are or prior context. (David)
  4. Good Vibes — an action that resembles spirit fingers that are used to signify good luck or support. They are done before a test, during sports games, and any event that is challenging or can be difficult. (Ashleigh)


  5. Smart and Good™ — a reference (often made by Jason) in regards to worth ethic and communication with peers.  Every Crossroads student is “smart and good” and often implements this expression before going into a test (Amelia). 
  6. Peanut Table — a traditionally senior table, which resembles a shape of a peanut, bean, or just wavy table. The current senior class will typically congregate around the table. (Maddy)
  7. 2019 Winter One-Acts

    Winter One-Acts — a series of one-act plays, usually 3-5 short scripts, that are all student-designed, written, acted and produced. This takes place mid-winter and often draws in a large crowd. (Astrid)

  8. Musical Monday — Students have the option of going up in front of the school and doing a performance which can be singing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc. This takes place every Monday during announcements. (Makyla)
  9. Ice-Skating — a yearly event where all of Crossroads goes to Steinberg Ice Skating Rink to celebrate the end of first semester. It is at the end of finals week and students usually hang out, skate, or eat snacks before going on winter break. (Mia)
  10. Boom Baby— A chant done by the Crossroads volleyball team where the current on court players yell “Boom Baby”, then the bench do the same thing, and finally the crowd. (Keaton)
  11. Busting the Ball — an action that consists of widening your stance whilst keeping your feet together and pushing through a soccer ball in order to stop the attack of an opposing player, win a 50/50 ball, or advance play. This term has widely gained popularity among soccer players at Crossroads under the command of Ben Birch and can be applied to a multitude of things beyond just soccer. (Elek)
  12. Turkducken– a festival before thanksgiving break where there are no classes and everyone brings food inorder to celebrate and enjoy eachothers company. Usually after the meal there is a talent show where students or faculty may show off their skills. (camden)
  13. All School Soccer— a community trip to a nearby gym  where the entire school participates in an all school soccer game. There are two teams, Blue and White to represent school colors. A senior versus faculty game is played during this event as well. It takes place on the last day of the second spirit week. (Spencer)
  14. Crossroadian— a member of the Crossroads community, student or faculty, that exemplifies and follows the belief system of Crossroads. This term especially relates to the smart and good ideology. Crossroadians do not just exist within the school, but as alumni continuing these beliefs in the greater world. (Tru)