The Wednesday Notice, 10/11/17


“A little nonsense now and then,
is cherished by the wisest [people].”
—Roald Dahl


Today is the eighth year that students have designed, constructed, enjoyed, and torn down a Crossroads-sized carnival on campus. “Double Rainbow” is a fun, student-driven tradition — one of the ways we connect, play, and celebrate as a community.

Double Rainbow helps us connect by creating common goals; each advisory designs a contribution to the carnival for all to enjoy. It facilitates play by providing novel experiences in a familiar setting. We celebrate not only the magic of the event itself, but also the end of the first quarter and beginning of fall.

At Crossroads, we value our own joy.Double Rainbow is just one example of this. Every day, there is joy in the conversation and laughter of our students in the common spaces. There is joy in the bleachers during all-school announcements and Musical Mondays. There is joy at camp, on field trips, in art, athletics, chess, and theater, in the lunchroom and the classroom.

This joy is both a necessary ingredient in the planning of Double Rainbow (what else but joy could produce an event like this?), and a welcome product of the experience, something we hope everyone in our community will soak up and take home for the Fall Break.

With great expectations,