Karaoke Competition for Chinese Language Learners


Diana Corey, Mandarin teacher in the World Languages Department, received a grant from The National Chinese Language Conference to help fund Chinese language and culture events that connect St. Louis area schools and the general public. Diana has created a virtual Karaoke Competition for Chinese language learners – with submissions open from January 9th through February 23rd.

Students of Mandarin Chinese across the St. Louis Area are invited to participate by learning to sing a Chinese song and creating a music video of their vocal performance. Submissions will be judged based on performance, pronunciation, and creative depiction of the singer’s interpretation of the song (through body language or creative video editing, for example).

Sign up solo or with a group of fellow students. There is no entry fee. The top 5 finalists will prepare a second song to perform at a live event on April 16, 2023, and the top 3 finalists will earn cash prizes. All entrants will receive a participation prize. Learn more here!