World Pediatric Project and Good Work


The World Pediatric Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission to heal critically ill children and build healthcare capacity in the world. Kate Corbett, parent of Riley (Class of 2013), DJ (Class of 2015) and Meg (Class of 2020) founded the St. Louis office in 2004 with a passion to connect children with life-changing surgical care they cannot obtain in their home countries. Over 40 children come to St. Louis each year for care at our pediatric hospitals.
Also, several St. Louis volunteer physicians and nurses travel to Latin America and the Caribbean through WPP to perform surgeries and participate in training programs focused on building local medical capacity. Kate welcomes the Crossroads community to become
involved as new volunteers are always needed and treasured!

Kate has been with us since the founding of our Good Work and help plan the program itself. Thank you to Kate Corbett and to the World Pediatric Project for years as a Good Work partner!