Why Crossroads: A Message from Mark and Sarah

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Clark Daggett, a former head of school, said Crossroads offers all the benefits of an exceptional independent school education without the trappings of wealth. This difference is central to how we create a space for each individual to learn and grow. Crossroads is a balance…

  • in the City but serving the region
  • academically challenging but in a supportive culture
  • strong community identity but celebrating individuality
  • be accepted as you are and called to be better
  • AP/college-credit courses and a no-cut policy
  • classroom lectures and the 5th Day

Students lead the way to create and maintain our community traditions: Good Work, Double Rainbow, Turducken, Field Day, and Spirit Week. Students helped architects design the new wings, and because they valued relationships, they designed for community space. Thanks to our students and alums, Crossroads is chock-full of meaningful traditions. Which is your favorite one and why? Click here to share a thought or a story.

5th Day is a new street at our crossroad. With it, we will more successfully balance preparing the mind with growing the heart; giving students opportunities to lead and learn outside the traditional classroom as well as space to serve and learn around the city and in the building. We are doubling down on what makes us unique.

We will celebrate our 50th year next year and want to tell all the stories! Please click here to add your voice to the historical record with a favorite memory, class, tradition, etc.

Please visit our new website page celebrating some of the reasons people love–and choose–Crossroads. To learn more about these student stories, read below.

Finally, to all our families who will be celebrating Passover and/or Easter this week and weekend, we wish you all the best and hope that you will be able to celebrate in the comfort of family and friends.

– Mark & Sarah