What’s the Buzz? ITEF Grant

Zoe ConnerUncategorized


This year, Crossroads received an incredible Innovator grant from the Innovative Technology Education Fund (ITEF) for some high-tech, high-def drones.

Our groundbreaking 5th Day curriculum was the perfect draw for ITEF to choose us as an Innovator grant recipient. Their vision statement reads, “Innovative Technology Education Fund believes that introducing children to the spectrum of available technology creates opportunities for exploration, problem solving and inspired uses of imagination. ITEF empowers educators to consider the kinds of innovative learning projects that enable these opportunities.” 5th Day combines exploration, problem-solving, and imagination with the right amount of time and space for students to enter a flow-state in which they learn and create best.

In order to qualify for an Innovator grant, a project must meet the following stipulations:

ITEF funds projects that are innovative, and which elevate learning and exploration. Although we see “innovation” as a mindset, we understand that the definition of innovation is relative and dynamic. We look for projects that engage students, push teachers, and generate excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

We know our 5th Day curriculum certainly engages students, pushes teachers, and excites our whole community with its innovative, dynamic courses and student-driven (and sometimes student-created) syllabi. We’ve seen how our ITEF partnership has helped 5th Day take off, and our students have appreciated the opportunity to share their new technology by making drone films for local nonprofits. They’ve filmed for New City School, Wilson School, Normandie Golf Course, and our very own Skinker-Debaliviere neighborhood and Crossroads campus. We love a gift that keeps on giving!

You may have heard the buzz around Crossroads, and next time you do, look up and see if you can spot one of our two new drones!