We Saw a Total Solar Eclipse!

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

On Monday, April 8, we went together as an entire school to view the total solar eclipse! The buses were bursting with excitement, as students looked forward to seeing eclipse ephemera like shadow bands, diamond rings, corona, and a few moments of total darkness. Howard Granok and fellow science teachers were our fearless leaders and taught us so much about this rare event. We made sure we had our eclipse glasses on, except for our moments of totality.

When we had our fill of watching the phases of the moon eclipsing the sun and dancing in the golden light, we experimented with strainers and our cupped or clasped hands, watching how typical circle shadows were crescent shaped during the eclipse. We finished our eclipse trip by picnicking and playing soccer, frisbee, football, and card games. What a magical day: students will look back on this day with wonder and joy for the rest of their lives, just like Crossroads alumni who witnessed eclipses in 2017 and 1994 as a school while they were students.