Two Successful Mastery Learning Projects


We welcome two new students to the small handful of Crossroads students who have proposed and successfully completed Mastery Learning Projects. We are very proud of the initiative, hard work, and new expertise of these two young women. Makayla and Emily presented their completed projects a week ago; they will now be invited to serve on the Mastery Learning Review Committee alongside faculty. Congratulations, Makayla and Emily!

Makayla Parker-Knighten (’17)
Makayla researched the structure of Black Student Unions (and Black Student Alliances) at the collegiate level. She brought back to Crossroads the information and expertise from other schools to help institutionalize the Crossroads BSU and help it continue beyond her tenure.

Emily Hirshman (’19)
Emily investigated and experimented with starting a small business. She designed, branded, marketed, and sold edible cookie dough. As she progressed through from idea to realization, she learned about markets, packaging, and pricing.