Turning the Corner



I was standing in the hall during passing time today and noticed how tall our students are getting. This is to be expected, of course, but this year it caught my attention earlier than in years past. I have also noticed that students are moving through the space and speaking more confidently, that they are deep into projects and learning with a sense of continuity established earlier in the year, and that they are having more fun (it is spirit week also).

Feeling the turn of the corner at this time, as fourth quarter begins and immediately before parent-teacher conferences, provides an excellent context for thinking about how far we have come in terms of our learning and work and what we still want to accomplish before our seniors graduate and our students leave for the summer.

Next to this early springtime quickening, the pace of the day and our upcoming spring break challenge our attention. Yet, as I move through the hallways and into classrooms, I do not see any diminished rigor or vigor. In fact, in my own class, I notice more strong opinions, deeper connections, and a sharpened curiosity. This is energizing and focusing to my own tendency toward distraction as breaks approach.

I find this annual turning the corner experience to be a source of joy and wonder and challenge. I hope that it might be the same for you. I hope that the inertia of rounding the corner is inspiring to the tasks of fourth quarter and the remaining learning opportunities of the school year, and I hope that having a break in sight is a reminder of all that we are learning and doing together.

With great expectations,