Travel, Study, and Work Filled Students’ Summer


Olivia Smith (far left) studied contemporary songwriting at the Frost Institute at the University of Miami.

Crossroads students have the flexibility to engage at school and pursue outside interests, and their summer pursuits were no exception. Here’s just a few examples of what students were up to this summer. In addition to part-time jobs and summer travel, students and families shared the following news:

  • Becca Clair ’24 visited Guatemala for a mix of tourism and service as part of her bat mitzvah.
  • Sophie Cohen ’20 and Meg Corbett ’20 were camp counselors at their grade school alma mater, New City School.
  • Jena Denney ’21 interned for the Muny this summer as a sound technician.
  • McKinlee Morris ’20 worked on projects including at Saint Louis University Hospital as a mechanical engineering intern with IMEG Engineering Consulting.
  • Oliva Smith ’20 attended the Frost Institute of Contemporary Songwriting at the University of Miami.
  • Mystik Stargod ’20 volunteered at the Aim High high school prep program as a teacher’s assistant.
  • Miles Thomas ’20 was an archery instructor and camp counselor at Camp Ondessonk.

Ashlyn Wiley at Ohio State University

  • Ronald Wagner ’20 attended conferences in Atlanta (JCamp Atlanta 2019) and Kentucky (Western Kentucky University’s Xposure 2019) to study photojournalism.
  • Ashlyn Wiley ’20 (left) attended camps at Ohio State University (for athletic training) and Wake Forest University (for sports medicine).