Three New Trustees Join Crossroads Board


Crossroads is grateful for the continued support and commitment of our Board of Trustees. We are pleased to welcome three new members to the Board, and have asked them to share their own thoughts about their personal commitment to the Crossroads community.

Read the biographies of our three new Trustees.

The Boyers Family (l-r: Rachel, Zach, Ivan, and Cecelia) at Ivan’s Crossroads graduation.

Rachel Boyers (parent to Cecilia’14 and Ivan’16) “I believe in Crossroads because it is one of the few institutions that truly strives to be diverse and equitable, and it is a family that helped me raise my kids to be people who are aware that everyone has a voice, a personal experience, and something to contribute!”



Todd Braver (parent to Rachel’17 and Lizzie’21) “ I believe in Crossroads because I wholeheartedly support the school’s mission. In the 21st century, we need students to be prepared not just academically, but also to understand the critical role that diversity, justice, and equity play in dealing with the most pressing problems both in our community and in the broader world around us.”


Stacey Tate (parent to Lauren’22) “As a family we like the idea that everyone has a voice, a place, and something to contribute.We admire the Crossroads community where diversity is valued. We look forward to finding ways to help the school and I am excited for the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge as a trustee.”