This Week in Middle School


While the Upper School students sit for exams this week, the Middle School takes advantage of the more flexible schedule, combining time in the classroom with culminating projects and new learning experiences.

A few highlights from this week:

  • Visiting with Pastor Rebecca Ragland (Owen’s mother) at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion and with Rabbi Randy Fleisher (Zoey’s father) at Central Reform Congregation and then touring the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, Daar-ul-Islam, and the Hindu Temple of St. Louis.
  • Eating Ethiopian food at Grace and Manny Gerbi’s restaurant on South Grand.
  • Presenting Harlem Renaissance Projects tomorrow.
  • Participating in Philosophy Island: What do you know to be true?  What rules do you have for the island?  How should all human beings behave?
  • Discussing justice topics from Michael Sandel’s Harvard course.
  • Considering the philosophy of utilitarianism through the trolley problem and the Queen vs. Dudley and Stevens.
  • Creating art tiles and marionettes.
  • Participating in a classroom simulation and analysis of how an infectious disease spreads through a population.