Things We’re Thankful For: A Message from Mark & Sarah

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

Every year, our advisories touch on the importance and value of gratitude. Thanks to MRI data, we now know beyond doubt what people have assumed for generations: expressing gratitude improves the mental health of both the giver and the receiver. As Crossroadians, we have so many things for which to be grateful!

First and foremost, we are grateful to our families for sending their children to us and our faculty for their generous, thoughtful work; we are thankful for our alums, choosing to use their intelligence and skills to do good work out in the world beyond our walls. We give thanks for all of you who support our work with the gift of time, skill, and financial support. It is simply the truth that Crossroads would not be here without you!

We are also thankful for the many organizations that join in our work, be it Maritz and Filament inviting our partnership for ThinksgivingMADE Makerspace working with our students and teachers, Novel Neighbor and our new speaker series, Innovation Technology Education Fund for our drones and Fitbits, and other organizations (Bass Pro/Cabela’s, for example) for grants awarded to aid in our work.

In our Annual Fund lies an opportunity for all of us to help and to feel good. What we know for sure is that your money will go directly to educating our students and the mission of keeping Crossroads as affordable as possible. Your money will help free a mind…

With deep gratitude for everything you do for Crossroads,
Mark & Sarah