The Wednesday Notice, 8/2/17



Welcome to the first Wednesday Notice of the 2017-2018 school year! I am looking forward to beginning together again after a relaxing, thoughtful, and joyful summer of rest, reading, and vacation. The Crossroads learning community, our commitments, and our effort and work are inspiring to me.

We return to school with an updated mission statement, as announced in this summer’s edition of Current Connections:

Crossroads College Preparatory School strives to be an exemplary and engaging learning community committed to justice and equity.

This update is a result of a year-long process during which I engaged the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, and others to explore common commitments, language, and purpose. This process was not initiated to change our mission or direction as a school community, and I believe that you recognized Crossroads immediately in the statement above. Rather, our aim was to find words that would better serve to engage our aspirations and inform our work, to challenge and inspire us, to be both difficult and doable.

As you know, fostering a learning community that is exemplary, engaging, just, and equitable requires ongoing effort and attention from all of us. It is clear that we do some of what is named in our mission statement well or very well, and it is also clear that we could be better. Aligning our practices, policies, and community to this mission is central to my work as Head of School, and I am committed to this.

If Crossroads is going to leverage its capabilities as an exemplary school with smart and good students, we must begin with a common purpose, with common commitments, and with common language. I am writing to call us together into these commonalities.

I am proud that Crossroads College Preparatory School strives to be an exemplary and engaging learning community committed to justice and equity, and I invite us to rely on one another for encouragement, feedback, and accountability as we strive together to enliven this mission across our community and into the region.

With great expectations,