The Wednesday Notice, 8/16/17



The 2017-2018 school year has begun! We started with 232 students this morning, our largest enrollment in the last ten years. One of my favorite moments as a school leader is welcoming students back to school on the very first day. The Crossroads lobby and hallways were resounding with laughter, conversations, and excited hellos. We began the day in the gym together. It is always exciting to hear students applaud for our class of seventh graders before they leave for camp and for all our other new students. I am also proud to congratulate our senior class on their final year at Crossroads.

I began my opening remarks with our mission statement: Crossroads College Preparatory School strives to be an exemplary and engaging learning community committed to justice and equity. I hope our mission statement is as inspiring to our students as it is to me. They are why we are here.

I took a few minutes to call all of us to our best effort and best work this year. I reminded students that learning is our work and that in order to be a community we must build relationships and work together. Finally, I mentioned that our commitment to justice and equity includes them and requires their learning, engagement, and commitment as well.

The concepts in our mission have stretch. They can be applied across all of our roles and touch all of the ways each of us participates in the life of Crossroads. As a Crossroads community, all of us are called to this work as well.

Our students are smart and good, and they will be exemplars of our mission for each other, for our community, and our region. We must work together to live out our mission in the coming year, and I believe in our capacity to do so.

With great expectations,