The Wednesday Notice: 4/11/18


Dear Friends,

When we returned from spring break on Monday, I noticed how tall our students are getting. This always catches my attention at this time of year; in both the physical and metaphorical senses, they have grown and we can see the evidence.

The end of the school year can challenge our focus, but as I moved through the hallways and into classrooms this week, I did not see diminished rigor or vigor. Rather, I continued to witness sharp curiosity, deep connection-making, and the formation of strong opinions.

I believe we can credit the work we’ve done this year to build relationships of trust, establish clear expectations of excellence, and create consistent working routines with weaving a fabric of community that will support us all through this final push.

There is much to experience during the rest of the school year! In April, we have two Good Work service days, providing opportunities for excellent, ethical, and engaging work that supports community and extends our campus and our learning. There are athletic events, our spring musical, prom, awards day, field day, graduation, and many other culminating activities to look forward to.

I find annual turning-the-corner experiences such as this to be a source of joy, wonder, and challenge. I hope your child(ren) will embrace the learning opportunities that remain this year, and I look forward to the work and play to come.

With great expectations,