The Wednesday Notice: 2/7/18



Over half of Crossroads families receive financial aid through our need-based Scholarship program. All of us benefit. This is why we dedicate our annual Gala, coming up on February 24th, to our unique and robust Scholarship program.

The intention to build a diverse-in-many-ways community was present in our founding 43 years ago. Our co-founders wanted to offer children of all backgrounds, identities, and economic resources a diverse, urban learning experience. We continue this work today with a mission commitment to justice and equity.

As the most diverse independent school in greater St. Louis, Crossroads is at the leading edge of equitable, independent education in our region and in the wider ISACS network. We embrace this as a vital role to play not only for all of our students and their families, but also for our community at large.

We are not alone: In its 2016 Strategic Plan, our accrediting body, ISACS (Independent Schools Association of the Central States), names supporting Justice and Equity in member schools as one of its five Strategic Goals. Two recent ISACS conferences emphasized this goal, and what I found most compelling about both is the variety of independent schools in our region engaged with this work.

What differentiates Crossroads, though, is how our numbers reflect our commitment; we are more diverse and give more scholarship support than any of the other schools with which I connected.

Today is the last day to purchase “early bird” tickets for Gala for Scholarship. If you haven’t already, please consider joining us for dinner, dancing, an original Crossroads video, and live and silent auctions. If you can’t join us, you can support Scholarship by purchasing raffle tickets or a spot at a “sign up” party this spring, or simply by making an online gift.

When you invest in Scholarship, you invest directly in the education of the students receiving support; no less, though, you invest in the possibility — demonstrated at Crossroads every day — of a more just and and equitable city, region, and world.

With gratitude for your giving and with great expectations,