The Wednesday Notice, 10/25/17



Last Sunday, Crossroads hosted our annual Open House, an essential and exciting event in our admissions program. Thank you to Director of Admission Corinne Groark, as well as all of the faculty, staff, board members, students, and parent volunteers who helped make the day both welcoming and meaningful.

I am proud that over 100 families RSVPed for the event this year, and several more attended. Teachers reported record numbers filled their rooms for breakout sessions. Corinne observed more families arriving early and staying for the entirety of the event, and parent volunteers commented, too, that guests seemed to stay for a very long look. The building was warm and buzzing with life on a rainy afternoon.

I look to Open House as one way to measure our reach into the community. Sunday assured me that we continue to have a strong reputation among our friends, neighbors, and peer institutions. The teacher presentations, Student Ambassador tours, and printed materials we prepared for Open House are all examples of how we convey and demonstrate who we are. Given the feedback we received after Open House, I believe our identity is resonating.

Crossroads College Preparatory School strives to be an exemplary and engaging learning community committed to justice and equity.
In my sessions with families, I emphasized that we are a school that strives. We acknowledge our mission is both difficult and doable, that it will take great and continued effort to achieve. Later, one parent responded: “Striving for an aspirational mission is more inspiring than meeting a mediocre one.” In that moment, among many others on Sunday, I felt the resonance and reach of our unique learning community.

Of course, admission season began before Open House and it continues full speed with student and family visits this week. If you know anyone who might like to learn about our school, I hope you will encourage them to call and speak with Corinne.

Open House is an event that requires immense coordination, collaboration, and authenticity. Thank you again to all who contributed before, during, and after the event.

With great expectations,