The Crossroads Approach to Athletics: A Message from Mark and Sarah

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As we lean into the strategic planning process for the next 50 years of our school, we’ve been asking ourselves, “What makes us Crossroads?” The answers have been wonderful reminders of why this school was founded and how we live out our philosophy of student-directed education and growth in so many ways.

Athletic Director Bob Beatrice has taken a decidedly Crossroadian approach to sports for the last 23 years. Recently celebrating his 1,000th win in 31 years of coaching, Bob has supported athletes at Crossroads as they seek to become the best version of themselves. A few examples of the unique aspects of Crossroads athletics:

  • The No-Cut core philosophy means that all students are welcome and find a place on our teams; discipline and hard work are enough to earn your place.
  • Athletics works with the Theatre program to ensure that athletes can be involved in shows, while keeping up with sports and classes (we keep the game schedule light during Fall Play and Spring Musical performance weeks)
  • All athletes can come out and support their seniors on Athletic senior nights because we do our best to schedule no games for other sports.
  • This year, with our largest middle school teams in a few years, we’ve been adding in additional practices at the athletes’ request and creating opportunities for them to practice with upperclassmen to gain skills and experience
  • 90% of our middle school students are participating in a Fall sport, and over 70% of our upper school students participated in athletics last year
  • Bob and other coaches offer free summer sports clinics to current and prospective students to ensure that anyone with an interest in a sport has the opportunity to learn it, and develop new and better skills
  • Crossroads has multiple athletes who participate in club sports in the off-season. This provides competition with the best players in the region and country, and gives our students exposure to college coaches.

Being Crossroadian means thinking not just of athletics but of wellness as a whole. Responding to the needs of our youngest students after two years of pandemic, Crossroads went from physical education three times a week to a daily wellness program thanks to the work of Gretchen Roberts and Ken King.

  • Gretchen became a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) and Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator through the Breathe for Change program.
  • Ken is coaching all our MS teams and introducing fencing thanks to a Nike Foundation Grant.  (Thank you to parent Margie Oliver who pointed us towards this grant money!)
  • Every day begins with a Morning Meeting focusing on social-emotional learning.
  • The Middle School worked last spring to redesign the MS schedule, and Shadi, Director of Curriculum, made the plans real.

Athletics at Crossroads aims to compete vigorously against other schools in the St. Louis area, while emphasizing the development and well-being of the student as a whole, providing memories that last a lifetime. Do you have a story about the impact of Crossroads’ approach to athletics on your experience as a student or parent? We’d love to hear from you! Please email us or call 314-367-8085.

Mark & Sarah