Thank you, Brett


Crossroads friends,

Recently I let Jason know that I would resign from Crossroads in June, at the end of the school’s current fiscal year. When that time comes I will have been affiliated with Crossroads as a parent for eight years, a trustee for two, and business manager for four. I have reached the point where I’ve accomplished a great deal of what I set out to do when I took this position, and it is time for me to move on to new challenges. With the opportunity to spend my weekdays here, I now more fully appreciate what a special place this is. Crossroads is not so unique in its stated mission, but it is unique in the way that it lives that mission.

The school treats diversity, inclusivity, creativity, and scholarship as essential elements of its character. A student literally can come from anywhere in the St Louis area and can go anywhere from here. Just ask either of our recent Gates Millennium Scholars, who matriculated at Penn and Duke, the chess star at Yale, the NYU Tisch School theater student, the two Wharton finance undergrads, or the Emory Scholar now writing his history honors thesis.

To fulfill its mission, Crossroads relies on the generosity of so many people, in so many forms – finance, time, talent, and real mutual respect and empathy. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have had to contribute to this community, and I am grateful to have worked alongside such generous and talented people.

The community and the institution are made better and stronger for the unique contribution of each individual, but it is not dependent upon any one individual. Crossroads’s one-of-a-kind community thrives and outlasts everyone who comes and goes. It is most profoundly created and sustained by the amazing kids who choose (with their parents) to join us and by the remarkable teachers who nurture and guide them.

I will remain a Crossroads parent, as my daughter Annie looks forward to a May 2017 graduation. I plan to stay until the end of this fiscal year in June 2016, and I hope to help with the transition to new business office leadership.

Go Current!