Summer Exploration in China


Earlier this summer, Mandarin teacher Diana Corey traveled with 14 Crossroads students and 5 parents to China. The group spent 12 days visiting Beijing, Chengdu, Tibet, and Shanghai.


In Beijing, they visited the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. They practiced Tai Ji with a Tai Ji master and learned to cook a famous local dish alongside students at a cooking school.

In Chengdu, they saw pandas, practiced calligraphy, and took in a Sichuan opera performance.

They spent the largest chunk of the trip in Tibet, visiting cities, mountain passes, lakes, glaciers, and many famous temples and palaces. Diana reports the students were deeply impacted by their experiences in Tibet, struck by the differences between Chinese and Tibetan culture, and moved by their interactions with tour guides, monks, and practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism on their pilgrimages.

In Shanghai, the group explored old and new areas of the city, saw the skyline from the water’s edge and the top of a high rise, and considered the similarities and differences between China’s two biggest cities: Shanghai and Beijing.

Please contact Diana if you might be interested in traveling with her in the summer of 2019.