Students Return to Campus for Hybrid Program


Crossroads looked very different on Monday, September 21, when about half of our students returned to campus for our hybrid schedule. While alumni and friends would recognize our halls by the art on the walls and the laughter from our community, students’ smiles were behind masks, hugs were replaced by waves and elbow bumps, and spaces normally reserved for community time became classrooms and mask break spaces.

As Head of School Jason adds as he walks the halls, “In classrooms, students are all spaced six feet apart, and this distance does not seem to interfere with their engagement with one another or with the teacher.”

A few changes you might see if you were on our campus:

  • Students who come to campus complete a health self-screening before they arrive and are temperature checked before they enter the building.
  • Although students are still able to be in common spaces during free blocks and asynchronous learning time, these spaces are set up so that students are at appropriate distances.
  • Decals and signage reminding students of appropriate passing routes and hand sanitizer dispensers are ubiquitous throughout our halls.
  • While our teams are not able to play matches or games in the fall season, fall sports will take part in a truncated season in the spring. Athletic Director Bob Beatrice has arranged for conditioning “pods” to take place each week where our athletes can scrimmage and workout together.
  • Lab experiences and classroom discussions take into account our virtual students.

You can find more information our adjustments to Crossroads during this time on the COVID-19 Updates page on our website.