Special Summer Edition: A Message from Mark and Sarah

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

This special summer edition of The Wednesday Notice is a thank you to all of you who support Crossroads and its mission in so many ways. It is also a reminder that in our Network of Mutuality, we have the agency to impact one another; so when offered the chance to see and support others, we hope we will all take it. Being seen and supported is different for each of us. Some of us can go through a day without confronting barriers or biases related to our identities; some cannot. Some of us see ourselves reflected in popular culture and people of authority; some do not.

Crossroads believes in the propinquity effect which is “the tendency of individuals to form close relationships with people they repeatedly encounter” (APA). Through our work together in the classroom and on teams, we see one another’s value, and we build a more positive, kind, and effective educational community: one which is diverse by design.

We are so grateful to be in this community of learners (adults, students, and alum) who are humble and wise enough to listen to each other’s story and to share our own. We are richer for this gift. Please continue to write in, to share your story!

Thank you all!
Sarah and Mark