Smart & Good



Our students at Crossroads are the energy, the focus, and the power for our work. I am so glad that the life and joy of our school returned this week from winter break. I am always very excited to stand in front of them and welcome them back.

On Tuesday, I reminded our students that, at Crossroads, we are smart and good. I reminded them that, when taken together, each can inform and make the other better. It is true that we want our students to be knowledgeable and skillful across a variety of disciplines. We expect that they commit and attend to their studies and that they think and participate as scholars in the learning aspects of our community. We also believe that intelligence is a tool.

At Crossroads, we use this tool for good. We want students to use their knowledge and skills to improve themselves, their relationships, and the world around them. This gives a greater purpose to the learning and to the knowing. This reminds us that smart on its own, while impressive, is not so useful as when it is applied to the betterment of the people and the world around us.

Your children, our students, are an inspiration to me. I spent time over winter break reading several students’ comments. I am so impressed. Over and over I read about the many ways in which we truly are smart and good, and I am feeling energized, focused, and empowered to lead for and support an awesome second semester.

With great expectations,