Size is an Asset


At Crossroads College Prep, our size is one of our strengths. Because of our size, students are able to develop authentic relationships with one another. They discover common interests, and they learn about the value of having friends whose interests are different from theirs.

Today while visiting The Wilson School, Adam shared with the sixth graders there that our size allows students to know their teachers well. “They’re more than just an acquaintance,” he said. Elaina and Ashley shared that they know both upper and middle school students because of the opportunity that small classes and activities create. These students did not apologize for our size; no one said, “We’re small, but…”

And this week, our student ambassadors, Maggie, and I have hosted several families who may be interested in applying to Crossroads College Prep. In each conversation, guests commented on our class size and on the community feeling they experienced while touring the building. Our size excited them; it wasn’t anything to explain.

I often say that, at Crossroads, we are small and mighty, that our size is an asset, and that students can go anywhere from here. I value knowing each student and that they value one another as well. It’s exciting to hear our guests and our students talk about the advantages of attending a small school, and I look forward to sharing this with more prospective parents as they visit.