Seen & Supported, Known & Needed: A Message from Mark & Sarah

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The walls of Crossroads speak volumes about who we are. The students’ visual arts illustrate how Crossroads is a student-centereddeeply thoughtful, highly skilled academic environment. Great thinking finds expression in myriad forms: elegant argument, beautiful code, powerful writing, and works of art. We foster all forms of intelligence and skill through classroom challenges and real-world, community-based problem-solving. The arts sing at the center of this school.

To maximize learning, your heart must feel right. You must feel understood. You must be fully seen. You must feel safe to take the risks that deep learning relies on. Each year, our students build a Crossroads community where intellectual risk-taking can be the norm precisely because friends will encourage you, forgive you, hold you to task, and celebrate you.

To bolster this community, we have added a new house system this year, fully revamped the advisory program, and created Academic Lab (AcLab) and Math Lab. These programs strengthen our relationships across all grades and give our seniors very visible leadership roles as heads of house. We especially thank Gretchen Roberts for creating and directing the advisory and house programs for 7th–12th graders.

Whether in our art or in our hearts, the good work of Crossroadians is on display on our physical walls and the “walls” we deconstruct as we create the Crossroads community anew each year.

Mark & Sarah