Register for Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences


Families will make their conference appointments online through School AppointmentsAll families will need to create a new account this year. You may set up your account any time with this link The site closes on Thursday, October 22nd at noon. To register for appointments after that time, you may sign up on the teachers’ doors during conferences Friday, October 23rd if there are spaces remaining. The site will send a confirmation by email, and you can go in at any point to see your appointments. 

  • On the site, click the “register” tab, and fill in the form to create an account (all fields are required). 
  • Your user ID is “last name.first name” without the quotation marks and spaces. For instance mine would be martin.paula.
  • “Add a student” (here, you may insert another student).
  • Click the calendar icon next to your student’s name to schedule conferences.
  • For your convenience, multiple teachers can be selected at one time with the “ctrl” key on PCs and the “command” key on Macs.
  • Once the appointments are made, the screen will display your appointments for each child.
  • When you “Return to Home Page,” you will do so with the students and appointments listed. You may book additional appointments later or book for another student.
  • Call or e-mail Paula if you have questions.