Project Refill Concludes Successfully


Our new water bottle fillers have been installed! Thanks to the efforts of the ECO-ACT team of 2015-2016, our students, faculty, and staff can now easily fill their water bottles at two new filling stations. One is in the cafeteria and the other is across from the Black Box. Together, the students and over 20 different donors raised just over $2000 for the project. The new stations were installed last week, and there were enough funds remaining to buy water bottles for every student at Crossroads. As the class that raised the most money in our coin drive, the 8th grade students received special water bottles.

By using a refillable water bottle, we are eliminating the waste from hundreds of disposable water bottles each year. The fillers work quickly, too, so students are more likely to drink water! The ECO-ACT team thanks Heather, Jason, Brett, and Rich for their assistance with this project. We value all of your support.

Irina Hulse (’16), Joseph Rovinsky (’16), LaVaughn Caradine (’17), Claire Corliss (’17), Molly O’Sullivan (’17), and Howard Granok.