Project Refill and ECO ACT


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Dear Crossroads College Prep Community,

50 million water bottles are thrown away each day in the United States of America. This is enough to stretch from New York to San Francisco and back!

Crossroads College Prep’s ECO-ACT team intends to reduce the water bottles thrown away. Additionally, ECO-ACT intends to enlighten people about this massive problem. Our goal is to install two water bottle fillers in our school. As of now there is no place for students and staff to fill up water bottles easily. With this installation we will provide convenience and motivation for students and faculty to refill their bottles rather than throwing them out.

Crossroads College Prep is a LEED Platinum Certified school, and our project goes along well with the school’s environmental philosophy.

We are raising $1,230 to retrofit two of our existing water fountains with bottle filling stations.

The fundraising will also cover the cost of installation. Our base goal for Project Refill is to retrofit the fountain in the cafeteria and the fountain by the black box with the water bottle stations. If we surpass our goal we plan to use the rest of the money to buy reusable water bottles for the student body to promote the reuse of water bottles.

In order for us to achieve our goal we need support from the Crossroads community. Please donate whatever amount is comfortable for you…every donation brings us closer to our goal.

Thank you for your support!

The ECO-ACT team,

LaVaughn Caradine (‘17), Claire Corliss (‘17), Irina Hulse (‘16), Molly O’Sullivan (‘17), Yossi Rovinsky (‘16)