Poetry Out Loud Class Winners


The class level competitions are complete, and we have identified the students going to the semi-final round for our Poetry Out Loud competition:

7th grade: JoJo Jones, Gaia Hittle, Nick Babusis,
8th grade: Eyvind Hovmand-Warner, Emily Hirshman, Malaika Ferguson
9th grade: Nyla Long, Rebecca Jaffe, Naysa Adams
10th grade: Elysse Price, Zoey Fleischer, Annie Chappell, Faith Blank,
11th grade: Andy Zhang, Julia Weinstock, Kayla Sullivan,
12th grade: Eliana Zuckerman, Charlotte Sechrist, Hera Scher-Zagier, Eleanor Marsh, Eli Bryant

One student from each class will win the class competition and compete in the finals on Friday in front of the school.