Poetry Out Loud 2024

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Every year, the Crossroads English department sponsors our school’s participation in a national competition in the memorization and recitation of poetry called Poetry Out Loud. Every child participates. Simply reciting the poem correctly is a success, but we also compete and name a single winner from each grade who performs at an all-school assembly; from this competition, we will select a school winner who competes in the St. Louis regional competition in February.
In 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2023, Crossroads winners went on to States. In 2012, 2013, and 2023 those students won the Missouri competition and went on to Nationals in Washington, D.C. While we love this objective recognition of the children’s excellence with literature, most important to us is that every child learn and love a poem.
The English Department
Congratulations to all 120 students who memorized a poem and to our winners, listed below!
Byran Ammons, all-school winner
Kai Cameron, all-school runner-up
Class and Grade Level Winners:
Ari Kosednar-Larson (2029)
Peyton Holmes  (2029)
Milan Robinson (2029) – 7th grade finalist
Darby Sheridan (2028)
Leena McHugh (2028) – 8th grade finalist
Taylor Bryant (2027)
Josie Azar (2027)
Kierra Crowther-Gilliam (2027)
Austin Davis (2027) – 9th grade finalist
Lennox Turner (2026)
Kai Cameron (2026) – 10th grade finalist
Louisa Blackmoore (2025)
Liv Mrazek (2025)
Morghan Freeman Balton (2025) – 11th grade finalist
Jaxon Brookes (2024)
Valeria Ortega (2024)
Bryan Ammons (2024) – 12th grade finalist