Nick Drake’s Graduation Speech


“Is Crossroads even a real school?” Whenever I talk to any student outside of crossroads I get this question, I mean could you blame them, what other school does a voodoo chant whenever they need to wish a student good vibes. But when I hear that question I say “crossroads is more than just a “real” school, it’s a home.” I have grown up in this building for years, longer than when I arrived in 7th grade. Since Wilson got out earlier than crossroads, I would come to crossroads to pick my older brother up everyday after school. On Wednesdays, I had early dismissal, so I would sit in the front office and do my homework. Teachers that I barely knew would always help me and ask me about my day at Wilson. The beautiful thing about crossroads is its sense of family. It is the only school where high schoolers and middle schoolers can play uno, volleyball, or ninja together and not get socially shunned for it. it is a year long family reunion with all your crazy aunts, uncles and cousins, and in this family you get to be and do whatever want. Not many schools can have Troy Boltons but they’re everywhere at crossroads, and because of this I was able to talk with all the soccer guys and then go to rehearsal and joke around with the theatre kids. What makes crossroads so special is that our family is full of all these different people with all these different personalities and interests. Crossroads teaches you how to include everyone and I’m so happy that I got to make all these different personal connections with all these different people. I’m so happy that I got to grow up with these amazing individuals who are all going to change the world someday. I owe crossroads a lot and I want to say thank you for making me the person I am today. I will never forget how I was welcomed my first steps through the doors of crossroads.

I remember my brother Regi saying “you gotta keep the Drake legacy going when I’m gone” at his senior potluck and being the sassy teenager I was back then, or am now,  I replied “I’m gonna make my own legacy”, but saying it is one thing, finding it is another. Being Regi’s little brother only carried me so far. Sure, I knew a lot of students and facility here because I would basically see them everyday, but Regi was the only person that truly knew me. I was very afraid to be who I really was because I didn’t know anyone in my grade really, so I didn’t want to come off as weird or not normal, but the more I showed my true self here, the more friends I made. My journey here at crossroads allowed me to have the time and space to become the Nicholas Drake you see before you today, and the crazy aunts, uncles, and cousins Were the supportive classmates I needed. I truly believe I have made my mark on crossroads, and crossroads has made its mark on me. To the class of 2016 whether you’re following in your family’s footsteps or making new ones of your own, make the most of your journey, always find your support and always be true to yourself. It is so hard to say goodbye to a school that has been a part of my life for so long, but I’m not “little Regi” anymore and it’s my turn to leave, and maybe the hallways will be a little quieter.


Thank you.