New Faculty Spotlight: Debra Mein


A working actor for nearly 20 years, Deb Mein joined Crossroads this year as the theater teacher, eager to share her passion for teaching young people theater in a collaborative community.

Deb’s background as an actor and director leading students of all ages has taken her to all corners of the country. “I was one of those actors subletting my apartment in New York for months at a time to tour with a company,” she says. “It expanded my idea of how I could make a career as a theater artist.” Her experience ranges from touring companies like the Missoula Children’s Theatre to the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.

“In Charlotte, I helped revamp the teen company of the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte,” Deb says. “Teens have always been a favorite age group to work with. I gain a lot of joy in watching young

people find a safe space and outlet in the theater in the same way that I did as a young person in Kansas.” After moving to St. Louis for her spouse’s job several years ago, Deb created multi-disciplined theater, music, and movement classes designed for infant to middle-school students. When Deb is not at Crossroads, she is spending time with her spouse Jonathan and two children, Thaddeus, 5, and Augusta, 2, and two hairless cats.

Deb was attracted to the reputation of the Crossroads theater program and also the opportunity to give students a voice in the program. “Students have always been part of the building process, but not always the decision-making process,” Deb says. Students will have an even greater influence on the program in coming years; in the 4th quarter activity, students will have the opportunity to submit scripts, read through them, and plan the upcoming season.

“It plays into our mission and culture at Crossroads where everyone has a voice,” Deb adds. “I’m excited to involve them in our process and I know the students are too.”