Middle School Science Fair Awardees


Middle Schoolers spent the early part of the spring semester preparing for the annual science fair. Students displayed their projects and were judged by members of the St. Louis science community. Students showed acumen and creativity in developing, executing, and presenting their projects.

As science teacher Sarah T notes “While the regional Science Fair is open to students across St. Louis, and many schools even require it, Crossroads is unique because we provide our students class time and resources to complete and succeed in their projects. The school’s commitment to authentic educational experiences allows us to ensure that all middle school students have an opportunity to explore areas of interest and share their learning with the entire school community.”

On March 5, Crossroads held an all-school assembly to honor our awardees. As Sarah noted, to mimic the actual St. Louis Science Fair, the department set predetermined cutoffs for students to earn blue, red, and green ribbons. Every student earned a sufficient score to earn a green ribbon or greater.

Grand Prize Winner: Ronak Mohanty

Runner-Up: Olive Meara

Category Winners and Finalists: 

Category Winner
Mathematics Luke Mauk
Title Sydney McDuffie
Logbook Leah Borland
Writing Jaxon Brookes
Social Impact Becca Clair
Artistry DeKylah Epps
Practicality DeKylah Epps
Originality Alex McCarter
Earth and Environmental Science Alex McCarter
Anatomy and Physiology Olive Meara
Consumer Products Isabel Bour
Physical Science Lizzie Schwieterman
Psychology Frank Santen


Matthew Birch, Adreana White, Manan Modh, Esley Dickerson, Sanai Todd, Ronak Mohanty