Middle School Explore Concentrations


All middle classes with the arts department are an introduction to various possibilities within a specific medium. For the concentration classes, students and teachers will have the opportunity go beyond the introduction and work with projects and experiences that are designed to not only build skills but reinforce those skills. If your middle school student has not chosen a concentration, please do so today by clicking here.

In this course, students will be introduced to numerous techniques and materials associated with making art in both two and three dimensions. Projects will follow demonstrations, allowing students to master each method. Assignments may be thematically driven by historical and cultural influences that relate to their studies in both Social Studies and Literature. Middle School Explore students will gain insight into the studio environment, learning to care for materials, share creative inspiration with fellow students, and concentrate more on the process than the final product. Students will become versed in art as a visual language. Above all, students will gain confidence in their own abilities to plan, execute, recognize, and interpret works of art of diverse genres, styles, and media.

Students will be introduced to various acting techniques such as sketch comedy, drama and improv. Students will be work together on scenes from stage plays as well as work on original scenes. Students will learn about the theater environment and the preparation that an actor goes through to become a different character. They will learn about warm up exercises, projecting to an audience, props and costumes, lights and sets.

Students will learn to master the basics of using computers from typing and keyboard shortcuts to learning how to create a spreadsheet or edit a video. students will also be introduced to coding and computer programing though various creative projects designed to help them master and apply those basic skills.

In this course, students will perform a wide range of music, including Classical music, Folk music and various types of Contemporary music. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the differences in these styles, and the development of skills necessary to participate in a musical group. Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of musical instruments including percussion, keyboards, string and wind instruments.