Mid-Quarter Grades Today


Mid-quarter student progress reports are available through Edline today, September 23rd. This is not an official grading period; it merely marks progress along the journey so your child may ascertain his performance to date and make any changes needed before it becomes official. The primary purpose of this report is for your child to keep track of his or her progress though you are welcome to access the information as well.

To access these reports (your child should do this through his/her own login), go to Edline, sign in, click on private reports, choose your child from the drop down menu, and choose the class whose assignments and grades you’d like to see. If you would like assistance, contact Sarah, Dean of Faculty by clicking here.

Please remember that this report marks progress and is not an official grading period. Quarter 1 ends on October 15th (when middle school students receive final first quarter grades) and the semester ends in December (upper school students receive final semester grades and middle school students receive final second quarter grades).