Meet Nicole: New Staff Profile


Nicole Burnett’s experiences with Crossroads reach back further than her role as Assistant School Director; she is also a Crossroads parent to Tayah ’22.

“What drew me to Crossroads as a parent was the school’s commitment to justice and equity,” she notes. “It also seemed like the teachers truly loved what they did.”

Nicole adds that since joining Crossroads, she’s continued to be impressed with the faculty’s commitment to students. “As a parent, you see the attention teachers give to their work and being on the inside, you might expect a more jaded approach, but it’s real! Our teachers have a genuine interest and love for our students.”

As Assistant School Director, Nicole is charged with all aspects of student life, including student discipline and school safety. She says the student focus in her role “really speaks to my heart” in that it combines her experience as a counselor with her administration studies – she is in the final phases of obtaining an EdS in Administration from Lindenwood University. She’s also grateful for the mentorship she’s received from other staff and faculty at Crossroads.

“The idea that ‘everyone has a voice, a place, and something to contribute’ is extended across the board,” she adds. “Jason and Rebecca make me feel comfortable in my own skin and allowing me to contribute to the success of the school.”

When she’s not with her two daughters, she spends time in the gym and salsa dancing. “I am happy when I am salsa dancing!”