Meet Rebecca: New Staff Profile


As School Director, Rebecca Spears oversees curriculum and instruction, faculty supervision and development, and scheduling for the school. Much of her day is spent interacting with faculty, observing them in the classroom, and talking with students about scheduling and course requirements. Beyond her experience in teaching, administration, education policy, and faculty development, Rebecca has a deep commitment to justice and equity and was drawn to Crossroads’s mission.

“The mission statement is something that is a personal passion and charge of mine,” she says. “My undergraduate degree is in sociology and I see justice and equity as my life’s work. To see it communicated in a mission statement as something the school is striving to do was important. The word ‘strive’ is something that struck me; recognizing that it is a process and not something you can arrive at.”

Rebecca began her career as a teacher and grade level dean before deciding to build on an interest in education policy. She came to St. Louis to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration from Saint Louis University. During that time, she worked with SLU and Focus St. Louis on its Youth Leadership St. Louis program, which is where she first encountered Crossroads students.

After receiving her MPA, Rebecca joined Teach for America St. Louis as Manager of Teacher Leadership Development. She supported 22 schools in the Metro St. Louis area, but realized she missed being in a more permanent school setting. “Joining Crossroads felt like something I was gearing up for,” she adds.

Rebecca notes that she’s found the entire community of faculty, staff, parents, and students to be welcoming and supportive during her first year. “We have veteran faculty and staff who have been here for a long time,” she says. “It’s been wonderful to work alongside teachers and staff and see leadership at every level. Our faculty have a deep commitment to our students and strive to be continuously better.”

Rebecca keeps busy with her toddler son Gillespie “G,” husband Everett, three dogs, and two cats. “Before G I was a foodie,” she says. “We would try restaurants throughout the city. That level of exploring drops when you have someone who’s throwing food everywhere!”