Mastery Learning Proposals


The Mastery Learning program is a single semester, independent course open to Upper School students designed to provide an opportunity to explore a topic or execute a project that falls outside the boundaries of typical high school courses. For example, a student could choose to participate in the circus and produce a short movie about its history and modern iteration, design and launch a web-based game, research grant writing and submit a grant proposal for a non-profit agency, or examine and assess our recycling program and implement improvements.

Each student accepted into the program works under the guidance of a faculty mentor though the work is independent. In November and then again in May, an assembly is held for Mastery Learning students to present their completed projects. Since the purpose of the project is to encourage and allow students to pursue a nontraditional option within their educational program, projects are noted on transcripts but are not graded and not awarded credit.
If a student wishes to complete a Mastery Learning Project this spring, proposals are due to Sarah PW ( by November 21st.

Proposals will

  • describe what you propose to do.
  • describe how you will proceed.
  • describe assessment (answer How will we know if you have succeeded?).
  • name a faculty member preference.
  • be fewer than 500 words.