Mastery Learning Projects for Fall 2016


The Mastery Learning program is open to students in the Upper School as of August 1; it is designed to provide an opportunity to execute a project that falls outside the boundaries of typical high school courses. For example, a student could choose to write a children’s book in French; research why people do or don’t vote; design and produce high fashion clothing; learn to coach the perfect swim stroke.

Each student accepted into the program works under the guidance of a member of the faculty and meets regularly with him/her. In November, an assembly is held for Mastery Learning students to present their completed projects. Since the purpose of the project is to encourage and allow students to pursue a nontraditional option within their educational program, projects are noted on transcripts but are not graded and not awarded credit.

Proposal: To apply, submit a typed proposal of fewer than 500 words by 5/9 that describes:

  • what you propose to do
  • how you plan to proceed
  • a description of assessment: How will we know you have met your goals at the end?

PROPOSALS are DUE by email to Sarah PW ( by 5/9.