Mastery Learning Project


There is an educational opportunity called the Mastery Learning Program open to Upper School students; it is designed to allow students to explore a topic or execute a project that falls outside the boundaries of typical high school courses.  For example, a student could choose to write a children’s book in Spanish, how to apply for a grant, construct a Dobson telescope, research why people do or don’t vote, or design and produce high fashion clothing.

Each student accepted into the program will work under the guidance of a member of the faculty. At the end of the semester, an assembly is held for Mastery Learning students to present their completed projects. Since the purpose of the project is to encourage and allow students to pursue a nontraditional option within their educational program, projects are noted on transcripts but are not awarded credit.

Students who would like to propose a project for this spring should submit a proposal to the Mastery Learning Faculty Committee of under 500 words which delineates:

  1. what she proposes to do
  2. how she will proceed
  3. rubric for assessment
  4. faculty mentor preference

Student proposals are due Friday, Nov 18 for students who wish to complete an MLP this upcoming spring. Students who would like to complete an MLP first semester next year will submit proposals in May 2017.