Makerspace Update


“What has happened in the Makerspace so far?” you ask. Keep reading to find out!

What construction and design work took place to remake a regular classroom into a Makerspace?
Carpet removed
Subfloor ground, leveled, and stained
Windows installed in Mac Lab and Makerspace
Double door installed
New Makerspace closet added
New vent fan installed in the ceiling
Painted all walls, hallway, and one wall of Mac Lab
Painted dry-erase walls
New signage created, along with new Makerspace logo
New electrical panel for all Makerspace circuits
Electrical outlets installed on all walls
Three pull down shop reels added

What has been added, assembled, or made by our student Builders and Makers groups?
New bench tables
Tables made by student Builders group
10 stools
Heavy duty media stand Smart TV
Two new workbenches
New rolling cabinet
Two new rolling drawer stacks

What has been donated or purchased so far?
20 MacBook Air computers purchased
Charge cart for MacBook Airs
20 Arduino micro-processors
Two new sewing machines donated
Three used sewing machines donated
New sewing table
Sewing tools purchased
Smart TV purchased
Apple TV purchased
New contractor-grade, portable table saw purchased
Bench-top drill press
Bench-top oscillating sander
Bench-top 6” grinder

What professional development has occurred related to the Makerspace?
Three-day professional development training in Design Thinking for Tom (computers), Mike (history), Christa (art), Julia (science), and Mark (math)
Half-day professional development for full faculty in Design Thinking
Two-day professional development in Design Thinking at ISACS headquarters in Chicago for Mark
Two-week professional development in engineering for Emily

What new curricular initiatives are in place thanks to the ITEF grant, the Makerspace, and/or the thinking around them?
New Middle School Robotics activity
Expanded role for Makers and Builders activities
Crossroads funded a new Intro to Engineering course offering for upper school
Funded five site licenses for Adobe Creative Suite for the art department
Design Thinking taught to 7th, 8th, and 9th grade this year

What was already owned and moved to the Makerspace to maximize use?
Cordless drills and drill/drivers
Various hand tools

What will arrive next?
CNC (computer numerical control machine)
Soldering irons
Many more hand tools
3D Printers

Who are our organizational partners?
ITEF (Innovative Technology Education Fund) – our grantors
The Disruption Department – our consultants
Cathy Witt – Ethics Advisor at Boeing