Loop Trolley Promises Great Future, Brings Temporary Inconvenience


The Loop Trolley project is well underway, and it’s been exciting to watch the progress in The Loop and on DeBaliviere. The future looks bright as plans include a Crossroads trolley stop right in front of our school building. We’ve also arranged to have our parking lot entrance moved and widened to make pick-up and drop-off more convenient. In the present, however, we have to endure some inconvenience. Here’s what you need to know:

1. All traffic will move permanently to the west side of DeBaliviere starting next week. This means that you will have to cross a construction area now – and trolley tracks later – in order to access our property from DeBaliviere.

2. Construction will continue on DeBaliviere for a few more months. The bridge closure on DeBaliviere between Forest Park Parkway and Pershing will continue until at least some time in September.

3. Our main parking lot, at the north of the campus, will get a new, three-lane driveway near the north end of the lot. This driveway construction will also continue until September, but the lot will remain accessible through the current driveway until the new one is ready.

3. The front door (south) drop-off lane will remain in use as before.

4. Please be careful and plan for extra time to get to and from school! Construction sites are dangerous, and we all need to slow down and pay attention to be safe.

We look forward to catching the Loop Trolley at the Crossroads station with you next year!