Looking Back on an Exciting Year: A Message from Mark and Sarah

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

This year, we have deeply engaged in examining what makes Crossroads unique, and we are grateful to the numerous constituencies which have done this hard work. Through the ISACS self-study process we examined and verified that we are what we say we are, and that we are positioning ourselves to continue to improve. This process involved the work of facultystaffadminstudentsparents, and alum. As a culmination of this work, we will welcome the ISACS Visiting Accreditation Team this year. Additionally, our strategic design work led by the Chief Innovation Officer and the Vice President of National Association of Independent Schools invited parents, staff, faculty, admin, and students to design strategically for the best Crossroads for the next 50 years. As a culmination of this work, we welcome our new 5th Day programming and new marketing strategies this year.

While the building is too quiet without our students, our faculty spent three days last week finalizing their plans for 5th Day classes, and thanks to extra funds we received from Title II in April, we have 12 faculty members spending an extra week at school this week continuing that work. They are pushing back the joys of summer in order to create the most meaningful learning experiences for our students; we are proud of our faculty’s professionalism! 

As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2024, we are eager to share our Crossroads community’s stories with the broader community as well as celebrate our alum and all that they are achieving.

We hope your summer will be filled with family and friends with time to rest and rejuvenate!

Sarah and Mark