Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Message from Mark and Sarah

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

The close of a year brings with it the requisite reflection. Looking back to the last 12 months, we are so grateful for the families with us today, for the students learning in our halls and shaping our story with their stories, for the faculty and staff whose hearts come to work along with their hands and their minds.

Looking back farther, we loved seeing alumni at our events, hearing about where their paths have taken them and the stories they are writing. It was such fun seeing them at Steinberg for ice skating; we hope every Crossroads grad will try to come next year with their families and partners to enjoy an annual winter tradition and Crossroads good cheer. This month, we see young alumni in our weight room as well as alumni from the 1980s who have reconnected with Crossroads and are connecting us as well.

We love the fabric that we weave when every person’s voice is with usand we love the way our alums are making the world beyond our walls a little more Crossroadian! We hope a student’s connection to Crossroads does not end at graduation. We invite any alumni who would like to reconnect, volunteer, or just get an update on what’s new to email us.

Happy New Year!
Mark & Sarah