Learning & Growing Together: A Message from Mark and Sarah

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Do you remember when Christopher Page-Sanders ’05 danced for Black Arts Explosion? (We got to see him before he turned pro!) We have such strong memories of the event when it first started and the pride we all felt in our students for coming up with the idea and leading the way. Our students chose to place the Black Arts Explosion at the end of Black History Month. This year, it will be on Friday, February 24. Please come out to support our Black Student Union and the event, our longest-running student-led community celebration!

You might also consider purchasing the book Goodnight Racism, written by Ibram X. Kendi and illustrated by Crossroads parent Cbabi Bayoc. Cbabi will soon join our middle school in imagining and creating a new mural for our walls and hearts. You can see Cbabi’s work all around town or here.

Several years ago, our Board of Trustees formed an Equity and Justice committee to help Crossroads live up to its mission. The board committee, lead this year by parent and board member Brittany Ferrell Young, is bringing in The Beloved Community to complete a diversity audit with Crossroads, calling on parents, admin, faculty, and board members to think more deeply about the work of “operationalizing” principles of equity and justice throughout our school culture.

Like the network of mutuality, the “beloved community” was a powerful phrase of hope spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We look forward to working in partnership with The Beloved Community to help identify the strengths and areas for growth in equity and justice at Crossroads, fostering our very own beloved community.

Thank you all,
Mark & Sarah